Model RS - X-Ray Scanner



RS X-Ray reveals the inner secrets and core properties of the log. It´s a unique and well proven measurement technique which makes it possible to process logs according to the product requirements in the sawmill.

With the help of industrial X-Ray techniques and class leading resolution, RS X-Ray  will see through the bark and all the way through the heart wood.  

The measurements give information about diameter under the bark, knot types, knot volume, annual ring density, strength and heart wood diameter – properties crucial for determining the value of the raw material for use in the final products.  

Discovering these inner properties opens up a whole new set of possibilities to maximize the return on your investment.

Defect Recognition:

  • Heartwood diameter
  • Diameter under bark
  • Density
  • Knot parameters (volume, distance)
  • Knot quality
  • Annual rings (width)
  • Log types (back, middle, top)
  • Species (spruce, pine)
  • Metal detection
  • Rot detection

  • High density 3D scanning
  • Grade book accuracy
  • Simulation capability
  • Comprehensive reporting package

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