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Model RS04/X - Gamma Detector



The Gammadetector, Type RS04 / X  is calibrated in 'ambient equivalent dose' units [H * (10)]. The measuring range covers 9 decades (from 10 nSv / h to 10 Sv / h). Due to this large measuring range, the probe RS04 / X can detect slight changes in the natural ambient radiation and also enables the measurement of high dose rates. Since 18 June 2008 we are an official calibration laboratory.


This robust and unique detector can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • As a detector in a radiation early warning system for a large measuring range
  • Clinical monitoring in radiation therapy
  • In scientific institutions and development centers
  • Monitoring unit at the borders, airports, railway stations, airplanes, etc.
  • In municipal areas, especially for the immediate check of the unintentional radiation
  • Industry (nuclear power plants, storage and transport of contaminated material)
  • In the private sector, especially for owners of atomic bombs

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