Model RSD-Mini - Solids & Waste Management System


The decentralized waste management concept of Renergon ensures certainty of disposal, as well as a certainty of supply (energy, recyclables, compost / fertiliser), while transport costs and efforts are reduced. The mixed garbage is delivered, prepared, separated and disposed. Valuable recyclable materials (metals, plastic, etc.) can be recycled and through digestion of the organic residue, energy (electricity, heat, gas) can be generated. Through preparation and treatment of the digestion residue, a valuable compost / fertilizer can be produced. In this waste-management concept, all residual and waste materials will be refined to valuable products (raw materials, fertilizer and energy).

The modular Renergon solid-state digestion system is produced in series and ensures a fast and easy installation, as well as simple handling. All technical requirements are met, to provide safe operations, just like the “big” Renergon plant does.

With 2.000 t/y domestic waste (approx. 70 % organic) and 8.000 working hours yearly, the basic version of the RSD-Mini (4 fermenters) can produce an average of 47 kWel and 68 kWth of continuous power. Yearly 500 t of compost, with a dm of 60%, can be acquired, solely from the digestion residue.

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