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Model RVS - Truck Atomizers



Towed model operated by the tractor p.t.o. Fiberglassreinforced plastic tank with total emptying and a compact ensuring easy penetration into the vegetation. Excellent air flow diffusion enables a notable work capacity with minimum power input. All models of this series are manufactured according to the stricter EC specifications and standards.

  • Polyethylene tank can be fully emptied thank to his non-plane surfaces
  • Frame and fan unit in hot-galvanized steel
  • Drawbar adjustable in length and height
  • Axle adjustable in length and height
  • Variable pitch fan out of nylon-glass
  • Adjustable brass nozzles with anti-drop valve
  • Overgear: 2 speeds plus neutral position
  • Pressure distributor and regulator on the tractor
  • Hydraulic stirrer with inspection hole
  • Suction filter with shut-off valve, which can be inspected even with full tank
  • Hand washing tank separated from the main tank
  • Ball valve for easy and safe tank empting
  • Pump to be agreed with customers.

  • Additional tank for washing pump, filter, pipes, nozzles and main tank
  • Brass nozzles with double jet and anti-drop valve
  • Non-polluting ejector-mixer for liquids and powders.

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