Model S-CP - Vertical Tank with Legs



Vertical tank with legs, Selip type S/CP are made in fiberglass FRP.  Calculation of tanks is realized according to European regulation EN 13121-3. In alternative Selip can dimensions these tanks according to all the International standards that incorporate fiberglass FRP / GRP.


  • FRP / GRP fiberglass tank with legs , have dished top and disse bottom.

  • Standard capacities start from 1 up to 60 m³ and are available in the attached data sheets.
  • Upon request FRP / GRP tank can be realized  with capacity of 250 m³  Ø 4500 .
  • Standard diameters start  from 1000 up to 3000 mm.
  • Upon request can be realized diameters lower than 1000 mm, as Ø 400, Ø 500, Ø 600, Ø 700, Ø 800 mm.
  • The biggest diameter is Ø 4500 mm.
  • The height of the legs depends on the tank diameter:
  • h = 300 mm from Ø 800 up to Ø 1800
  • h = 350 mm from Ø 2000 up to Ø 3000
  • Upon request can be realized legs with h = 650 mm
  • Upon request are available anchor plates for legs


For chemicals storage tanks positioned in containment tanks of concrete, the possible leak of acids can not remain in constant contact with the external part of the legs. After the possible leakage of the chemical, it is recommended to drain and reclaim the tank in a time of 20 min. to max. 2 hours.

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