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Model S2 - Batch Dryers



They dry the batch of grain poured into the column according to the preset parameters. Easily operated, they are completely automatic. They are meant for middle-size farms. The process of drying in dryers of this type may be divided into four stages: loading of grain, drying of grain, cooling and discharge of grain from the dryer. With the circulation the grain undergoes in the process of drying, it achieves high uniformity of drying. They are cheap for users.

The drying process can be divided into four stages: loading, drying, cooling and unloading of grain. Depending on the model of the dryer, dried grain may recirculate in the dryer’s column, it can also be cleaned in the dust and chaff aspirator installed over the roof of the dryer.

Grain is dried with hot air that is drawn into the dryer column using a fan. If the dryer is fuelled with natural gas direct heating is possible. If the dryer is fuelled with oil, a heater with heat exchanger is added to the dryer column.


1. Roof
2. Loading segments
3. Drying segments
4. Air inlet duct
5. Inspection hatch
6. Heater with a heat exchanger
7. Moist air outlet
8. Exhaust fans
9. Grain unloading system
10.PKA bucket elevator
11.WWA dust aspirator
12.Service ladders and platforms
13.Grain outlet pipe
14. Impurities outlet pipe
15. Two-way divider

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