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Model S500 - Geolocation System


The Omnisense Series 500 Cluster Geolocation System is used to determine and track the positions and motion of Cluster Nodes within a local area. The nodes form a Wireless Mesh Sensor Network. Each node periodically broadcasts messages to neighbours and by measuring the precise time of arrival (TOA) of messages transmitted by neighbours, the sophisticated Omnisense Joint Timing and Location Engine (JTLE) is able to compute the relative positions of the nodes.

At the heart of the system is the Omnisense whereBox running  the  omniWhere  software.  The  whereBox receives  raw  measurements  from  the  devices  in  the network  via  USB,  serial  port  or  using  a  TCP/IP connection  over  Ethernet  or  Wi-Fi.  A  high  level  API based  on  industry  standard  Internet  protocols  allows end  user  applications  to  quickly  and  easily  access localisation  and  motion   information  about  devices  of interest as and when needed.

The  whereBox  processes  measurements  from  the Omnisense  S500  geolocation  tags  as  well  as measurements  from  a  growing  number  of  3 rd   party devices such as Nanotron swarm bee.

The  ability  to  operate  free  of  conventional  rigid architectures based on traditional RTLS systems using expensive  fixed  anchors  or  access  points,  gives  the Omnisense whereBox a unique competitive advantage. 

The whereBox + S500 system is optimised for position, motion and behaviour tracking in local areas, indoors and outdoors for groups or teams of objects:

  • Locating people on site
  • Worker protection, health and safety
  • Healthcare, dementia, post-operative care
  • Sport, real-time and training
  • Leisure and event management
  • Emergency services, fire, police, security
  • Transport logistics, fleet, yard management
  • Animal tracking and welfare monitoring
  • Mining and industrial site asset monitoring

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