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Model SAF/SBF - Fish Friendly Pumps


Bedford Pumps Fish Friendly pumps have proven credentials awarded from independent research consultants in the field of water management, VisAdvies BV, following extensive and stringent trials. The tests prove conclusively that Bedford Pumps’ range of submersible and direct drive pumps are fish and eel friendly with no direct mortality observed from exposure to the pump. Copies of the official report which state that Bedford Pumps have manufactured the “best fish friendly pump on the market” are available on request.

Bedford Pumps' range of Fish Friendly pumps are designed to comply with EU legislation brought into force in 2007 to tackle the rapid decline in global populations of the European eel. Whilst this legislation is specific to the eel population it is generally accepted that protecting fish stocks is an added bonus of utilising this type of pump.

Eel and fish friendly pumping solutions will shortly become a requirement at the majority of pumping stations and water extraction points where eel populations have been identified.

Bedford Pumps’ Fish Friendly pumps cover from 400 to 9,000 l/s at 2m to 14m head. Fish Friendly pumpsets are available as a direct drive (DAF Range) or submersible (SAF Range) variant.

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