Model SD 400 Oxi L - Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meters



The SD 400 Oxi L allows the measurement of dissolved oxygen at an advanced level. The determination of dissolved oxygen in water is based on the optical technology of luminescence. This technology offers concrete advantages concerning low maintenance, easy calibration and a fast reponse combined with high accuracy.

  • Luminescence-Technology
  • High Accuracy
  • Drift-free, optical measurement
  • Easy, intuitive handling
  • Matches BOD bottles

  • Waste Water
  • Water Treatment
  • Marine Water
  • Surface Water
  • Drinking/ Potable Water

  • Sewage plants
  • Medical research and development
  • Institutes, Universities, Schools
  • Water protection control
  • Laboratories
  • Aquaristic/ Fishkeeping

For oxygen measurement based on luminescence there is no electrolyte required.
So it is not necessary to refill the sensor which makes maintenance easy..

  • High accuracy
  • No sample flow is needed
  • Low maintenance
  • No costs caused by electrolyte
  • No pollution of ambient medium
  • Long-life sensor membrane
  • Insensitive to toxic gases

  • Waterproof sensor IP 67
  • Backlit LCD
  • Internal data storage
  • Software for monitoring and storage of data
  • Mini-USB-port
  • Matches Karlsruhe bottles NS 19 / 26
    (16,4 mm ø and above)

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