Better Water Industries Inc. (BWI)

Model Sentry I - Open-Air Gas Reduction System



The Sentry I Open-Air System combines aeration with chlorination to provide superior water quality. The Sentry I Open-Air System adds air to the water with an adjustable venturi as it enters the tank through a solenoid valve that is controlled with an electronic float inside the tank. This air starts the oxidation process and dilutes any gasses in the water such as Methane. While the unit fills, the chlorinator dispenses the exact amount of chlorine desired.

The chlorine sanitizes the water and finishes the oxidation process getting rid of odors and killing bacteria. The water first flows into the bottom of the first chamber and then flows over into the second chamber where the submersible pump pressurizes the water to the home. This system has three floats, one mechanical safety overflow, one electrical low-level shutdown, and one electrical water level maintaining float. The system is complete with the chlorinator, by-pass, bladder tank, pump, and is pre-wired for an easy install. This system is often described as a personal municipality for the home providing 24-7 protection.

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