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Model Series 4380 - Close Coupled Vertical In-Line Pump



Armstrong’s close-coupled vertical in-line pump features economical inside-type, single-spring mechanical seal, serviced by removing the rotating assembly while the pump casing remains in the line. Dynamically balanced impeller assures smooth, vibration-free operation. Radially split volute with equal suction and discharge flange sizes. Separate tapped openings for gauge, flush and drain connections. Available in bronze fitted, all bronze, all iron, and ductile iron construction.

Design Features – 4380

  • Industry standard face mounted motor.
  • Flush and vent connection removes entrained air and ensures liquid at seal face at all times.
  • Inside type mechanical seal serviceable without breaking pipe connections.
  • Heavy cylindrical bracket with 360° register on both flanges provides a rigid union of pump and motor.
  • Dynamically balanced impeller assures smooth vibration-free operation.
  • Radially split casing with equal suction and discharge flange sizes. Separate tapped openings for gauge, flush and drain connections.
  • Liberal inlet passageways and straightening vanes provide optimum suction performance and quiet operation.
  • Ribs cast integral with casing. Machined surface to accept floor support when specified.
  • Confined casing gasket to meet stringent industrial temperature and pressure applications.

Typical Specifications


Provide Armstrong single stage, single suction Vertical In-Line type pumps, with rising head to shut off pump characteristics. Refer to the schedule for pump flows and heads and motor speed, efficiency, enclosure and power requirements. The pumps shall be Armstrong Series 4360 or Series 4380 motor mounted Vertical In-Line.

Series 4380:

Pump casing shall be cast iron, suitable for 175 psig working pressure at 140°F. (Ductile Iron for pressures to 250 psig) The casing shall be hydrostatically tested to 150% maximum working pressure. The casing shall be radially split to allow removal of the rotating element without disturbing the pipe connections. The casing suction and discharge connections shall be the same size and shall be provided with drilled and tapped seal vent and pressure gauge connections.

Pump impeller shall be bronze, fully enclosed type. Impeller shall be dynamically balanced. A bronze shaft sleeve, extending the full length of the mechanical seal area, shall be provided.

Mechanical Seal shall be single spring inside type with carbon against O-ring mounted Ni-Resist faces. EPDM elastomer with stainless steel spring and hardware shall be provided. Seal vent line shall be factory installed and shall be piped from the seal area to the pump suction connection.

Motor power requirements shown on the pump schedule are the minimum acceptable and have been sized for continuous operation without exceeding the full load nameplate rating over the entire pump curve, exclusive of service factor.

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