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Model Series SK - Robust Bulk Bin Tipper



Compact and robust bulk bin tipper with one insert (from the back). Comes automatically over the top of the bulk bin as soon as the machine is put into operation.This prevents the fruit from roll damage, even if the bin is not completely filled.

Dosage system

A photo cell controls the unloading speed continuously to provide a constant flow of fruit out of the bin. For an optimal effect this control unit is located right at the outlet position of the bin.


The Perfect, series SK, bulk bin tippers are available with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic control.

  • Model SK-HB Bulk bin tipper with one insert,
    manual control
  • Model SK-SA Bulk bin tipper with one insert,
    semi-automic control
  • Model SK-VA Bulk bin tipper with one insert,
    full automatic control

  • One side insert
  • Cushioned holding lid
  • Photo cell for unloading control
  • End switch (switches the main control valve in free flow position)
  • Manual adjustment of the bin height
  • CE safety fences

  • Automatic bin height adjustment
  • Shute
  • Photo cell for large fruits
  • Driven or non driven brush

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