VES Environmental Solutions, LLC

Model SF - Aluminum Exhaust Shutter Fans



VES Environmental Solutions, LLC. Exhaust Fan Series with 9´ cord are North American´s most economical and versatile exhaust fan. Our totally enclosed motor comes complete with built in speed switches and a 9´ cord. No electrician is required, just mount the fan in the wall and plug it into an approved receptacle. The corrosion resistant aluminium shutter comes complete with a tie bar to reduce shutter flapping and keep the shutters closed when the fan is not running. On the intake side of the fan the balanced aluminium blade is protected by a durable painted grill.

  • Designed for agricultural, horticultural, factories, warehouses, garages, attics and restaurants
  • Remove and control unwanted condensation
  • Exhaust obnoxious fumes
  • Exhaust excessive heat
  • Improve inside air quality

  • Totally assembled
  • No electrician required when plugged into an approved electrical outlet
  • Built in speed switch with 9’ cord attached
  • Totally enclosed maintenance free motor
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum shutter with tie bar to reduce shutter flapping and opening on windy days
  • Safety powder-coated guard on intake side meets OSHA standards
  • Three wing aluminum balanced blade
  • 2 year warranty on Motor and 1 year limited warranty on all other parts

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