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Model SIV - Glassfiber Silos



Discover the wide range of glassfiber silos made by Agritech, Italian factory specialized in production of high quality silos since 1987. Glassfiber silos made by Agritech Srl are lightweight, airtight and able to offer an elevate mechanic resistance besides a great thermal insulation. Our high-quality fibreglass silos are created in order to satisfy also the most demanding client and to last long. Being corrosion-free, Agritech glassfiber silos could last 25 years without maintenance. Our silos are also able to safely store and secure any kind of bulk product with a specific weight ranging (from 0.6 ton/m³ to 1,5 ton/m³) and in environmental conditions of any sort. In fact, Agritech glassfiber silos are assembled following stringent criteria and engineering and quality controls, reason that made our creations the best in European silos manufacturing field.

Agritech silos - available in different models with vertical or horizontal junction, or disassembled for container load - are indeed synonymous of professionalism and experience as well as a great guarantee of good-quality materials and flexibility in design.

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