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Model SJWP-45-400 - Water-Saving And Micro-Spraying Tape Making Machine


Features of the machine: Main motor and tractor all adopt frequency conversion control system, which has the characteristics of easy operation, readable running,stable working and low energy consumption. Screw bolt of the extruder adopts special design, and it features excellent plasticating capacity and stable production. It adopts automatic temperature control system so that the temperature-controlling is exact and also it can save energy effectively. Punch on the hole drilling machine is made from specail material and it has long service life. Both hole drilling tractor and winder adopt torque motor control,which can overcome the tension fault. What's better, it's equipped with meter counter device. Tractor, hole drilling machine and winder are controlled separately, so it can not only produce two same tapes at the same time but also it can produce two tapes with different specifications.

Application range and advantage of micro-spraying tape
Application range: it's applicated in green house, plain and hillside for the growth of fruit trees, kaleyard, culture of seedling, flower, lawn, vegetables etc.


  1. Anti-clogging function is strong and also it has low demand for the filtration of water source.
  2. Low working pressure and low expenditure for the parts of water source and artery of water transportation.
  3. High utilization of water and obvious effectiveness of water-saving..
  4. It could be used to fertilize and spray pesticide, the water dripping volume is even and won't harden the soil or washout the fertilizer.

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