Model SKA-18A - Force Transducer



The force transducer works according to the strength measuring principle on a transverse basis to the longitudinal axis. The SKA-18A is designed for measuring minor powers applied on machine parts, levers, axles, robots, handlings and precision mechanical parts.

The device has been designed as a beam with measuring cells. Due to the beam shape and respective two M4 srew threads, all machine building requirements will be met when mounting this component. The force transfer is carried through by use of two M4 screw threads.

The measuring cell for the strain gauge has been cast with a hight-elastic compound and is thus protected against mechanical or chemical damages.

The strain gauge bridges measure the caused deformation in the measuring cell. An external amplifier gives a measuring signal between 1 and 9 mA or between 4 and 20 mA. The calibration is carried out by use of a resistor, parallel connected with a strain gauge bridge (software calibration).

The SKA-18A is assigned for the direct coupling to an automatic control or a controlling switch.

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