Model SKAG - Circulating Screw Conveyor


SKAG circulating screw conveyor for flat-bottomed silos. Capacity up to 100 [t/h], modular construction and best materials. SKAG circulating screw conveyor is a device allowing to empty flat-bottomed silos of all naturally flowable materials, such as wheat, rape, rice, soybean, sunflower, biomass or pellet, which has not got to the underfloor conveyor in a gravitational way.

The conveyor is mounted directly above the centrally situated inlet to the underfloor unit and transports the grain along the radius of the silo simultaneously moving along the silo's axis in the clockwise direction (looking down on the floor). The circulation movement of the conveyor ends when the silo is emptied of the remaining grain. Normally, it is one full turn around the axis of the silo.

Our device is intended for silos with a diameter of 6-27m and is powered by gearboxes with the power from 4kW to 11kW.Modular construction of the conveyor allows for easy adjustment to a desired length depending on the size of the silo.

The circulation motion is realized using a screw wheel drive. The peripheral speed is reduced by the use of a set of reducers up to about 1rpm (depending on the engine used for the screw wheel drive). A wheel intended for heavy loads with a full super-elastic rubber tire was used to make a circulating motion.

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