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Model SL60 - Storage Silo



The SL60 model of our storage silo series is available both in aluminium and stainless steel. The silo is delivered with long silo skirt and stand ring for perfect support on the foundation ring. The roof of the SL60 is inclined by 15°, its opening angle is 60°. The SL60 storage silo offers space for a maximum of 334m³ of bulk goods. The delivery includes 1 set of lifting eyes, 1 discharge flange up to a max. DN 500 and a grounding strap by default.

Depending on the properties of the bulk goods one of the following blenders can be integrated: gravity pipe blenders PW-Flowblend central pipe (central pipe blender), PW-Flowblend pipe pack (multiple pipes) and PW-Flowblend cone (cone blender) as well as the mechanical screw mixer PW-Flowblend screw.

Connecting nozzles
Our standard connecting nozzles are available up to size DN 500. The nozzles DS 18, DS 15 and MBF 15 are suitable for fill monitoring. The respective flanges and sleeves and their corresponding sizes can be found in our connecting nozzles .

In order to provide access for repairs, inspections or cleaning work, manholes can be installed in the silo mantle or roof. All manholes are available in sizes DN 500, DN 600 and DN 800. Safety grids are statutory for manholes located in the silo roof.

Function nozzles
Our function nozzles range is comprised of filter nozzles, vent nozzles, pressure compensation and safety valves. All function nozzles are available with diameters from 500 to 1200mm. Vent nozzles can be delivered in sizes DN 200, DN 300 and DN 400.
Function nozzles

Filling pipes
Our filling pipes are available in lengths from 7500 to 30000mm and diameters DN 80 and DN 100. The corresponding filling pipe nozzles as well as 90° and 180° filling pipe elbows can be found in the .

Silo outlet
Our silo outlet  provides you with information on our outlet flanges, emergency gate valves, suction boxes and suspension devices for vibration bottoms. The diameters of our flanges range from DN 600 to DN 3000. Suction boxes are available with up to 10 connections for suction pipes.

For the inspection of silo skirts we offer single-leaf doors ranging from 650 to 1500mm width and double-leaf doors ranging from 1400 to 2000mm. We also provide locking cylinders on request.

Roof entrance
If you need a roof entrance, installation of roof railings, connecting walkways or ladders can be carried out. Ladders are available with or without safety cages and can be enhanced with an entrance closure and a safety door as fall prevention at ladder exit.

Cable protection, pipes, rain collar
For the installation of electric wiring on your silo cable protection pipes are needed. They are available with their corresponding cable protection pipe elbows with diameters 60, 80 and 100mm. Compressed air pipes are available in nominal widths from 1/2' to 2'.

Silo roofs, maintenance platforms, insulation
Depending on the inclination different use cases are possible. Therefore we offer conical roofs with an inclination of 15°, 9.5° and 2.5°. Maintenance platforms and silo roofs which are permitted as working platforms are made of pinned plates or grates. More information about roofs, maintenance platforms and silo insulation can be found in the .

Our foundation rings are made of steel St-37 and are delivered with anchors, pressure plates, nuts and washers. For silo dimensions from 35m³ to 312m³ and diameters from 2400 to 4200mm we offer a broad roange of anchoring. All parts can be offered painted or zinc-coated as well.

Weighing systems
P+W weighing systems for standard frame silos are offered with or without weighing module and weighing cell. Additionally junction boxes and weighing indicators with analogue or serial output are available as accessories. Third party weighing modules can also be installed in our weighing systems.

Explosion protection
Explosion protection is needed for bulk goods which can cause explosive atmospheres. Rupture disks or explosion flaps should be used as pressure relief devices. These are based on the silo, the product and the application. They are to be interpreted according to guidelines and standards.

Central filling station
The central filling station enables the bundling of all filling pipes. By using a central filling station, all filling pipes can for example be connected to one specific side. The necessary filling pipes can be found in the accessories.

Vibration bottoms and hoppers
Vibration bottoms and hoppers are used for discharging non-free-flowing bulk goods and can be delivered for any industry. The hoppers or vibration bottoms are fixed around the silo outlet at several locations. There they are moved in horizontal oscillation by one or more unbalanced motors. The vibrations are propagated on the product column in the silo cone therefore loosening the stored material which can then be discharged more easily from the silo.

Filter technology
We offer efficient dust collectors and filters featuring state-of-the-art-technology for all purposes. Series production of our components and modular design provided by our suppliers enable tailor-made solutions for industrial dedusting. Besides dust collection, measures to prevent dust explosions are taken as well. Filters can be provided as cartridge, bag, bin-top or insertion filters.

Shut-off valves and fittings, sliding valves
To protect your silo from overpressure or negative pressure P+W Metallbau offers you a broad range of pressure balance valves. Whether regulating gate, metering gate or slide-gate valves - we have the right product for your application. We deliver pneumatic as well as power and manually operated gate valves. Our shut-off valves and fittings product range also contains different ball valves, squeezing valves, butterfly valves and gate valves.

Silo monitoring, fill monitoring
We offer limit switches for filling level measurement (full, empty or demand). We recommend using vibration or rotating paddle level limit switches. For continous measuring silopilots, ultra sonic or radar sensors and microwaves are used. Data detected by the sensors can be graphically visualised, saved into databases or forwarded by email.

Air dryers, dehumidifiers
Outdoor silos are often exposed to broad temperature fluctuations which result in the formation of condensation inside the silo. Air dryers counteract this, therefore effectively helping to protect sensitive bulk goods. Our air dryers are mounted inside the silo skirt. They are either continually providing dry air for your silo or based on temperature monitoring.

Telescope chutes
By using telescope chutes the filling procedures can be drastically accelerated. Additionally telescope chutes offer the possibility of a gentler extraction for sensitive bulk goods. For the extraction of high-quality bulk goods, integrated filters can be used to prevent product segregation. Suctioned fine material is immediately re-fed into the bulk good.

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