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Model SM - Shredder



Robust shredder for professionals with central casing made of top quality wear-resistant plate, 5 mm thick and reinforced in critical areas. Measure of sides: 10 mm. Extended casing in front to prevent stones and cut material from falling out and to safeguard the operator. 5 mm hanging stoneproof bands as front protection. Gearbox adjustment 540 rpm with integrated free wheel.

  • Front rollers (picture 1) and large rear roller (D. 170 mm) (picture 2), height adjustable for ease of sliding and manoeuvring.
  • Sliding chain on the third point to allow the machine to perfectly adapt to the terrain irregularity.
  • Three-point linkage structure CAT. l/ll, mechanically adjustable with self-lubricating sliding block on the front and small rear roller (picture 3) - chain and pins.
  • Cast iron rotor bearing-holder bushes with large diameter self-aligning bearings.
  • Cutting tool shaped like a universal sledge-hammer made of special forged steel to ensure maximum resistance and reliability, even with heavy work, perfect for shredding grass, branches (D. max. 100 mm), corn stalks, straw, etc. with counterblades.
  • Safety guards and EC certification

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