Model SMX10V2 - Modular Sequencer Controller



The   SMX10   V2   is   a   modular   sequencer   with   incorporated   differential   or   relative   pressure measurement. It is used to control and monitor dust extraction equipment where cleaning is performed by injecting compressed air.


  • Power supply: 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz Consumption: 10VA consumption SV Incorporated solenoid valves voltage:
  • same as power supply
  • or 24V AC integrated 25VA (other version: 45 VA)
  • or 24V DC integrated 25W (other version: 45W) 3/5 and 10 SV standards
  • Scale 0-500 daPa (in standard) Protection by fuses 1 bar max pressure
  • 100% relative humidity sensor 4/20 mA output (integrated power supply) Compressed air and fan off loop control Electrical fault relay and AP alarms Cycle sequence relay Operating temperature 0 to 65° C Polyester box IP65

Controls and adjustments

  • Button configuration
  • Fault reset
  • Two-button auto-zero
  • Options
  • Version without differential pressure switch
  • Other supply voltages
  • PE outputs (no solenoid valves)
  • AP - 4/20 mA

New functions

  • Accelerated declogging T2A if DP alarm
  • threshold is passing over T3 : idle time between two cycles Low alarm DP
  • Loop control or not to load loss Stop type adjustment:
  • stop end of cycle
  • stop on image
  • Starting cycle after installation stop either by 11 input loss or by installation stop detection by DP measure (between 5 and 20 daPa)
  • Mini/maxi DP storage
  • Option input temperature - thermocouple type K 0-999° C:
  • mini/maxi T°
  • number of threshold passing over
  • time of threshold passing over
  • Option extension slave, put in network


  • Easy to configure using digital display and buttons
  • Easy and precise to adjust
  • Electrical fault check and log
  • 2 AP limits and load loss display

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