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Model SP-2000 - Visible Spectrophotometer



SP-2000 is a visible spectrophotometer special designed for micro amount sample.. The sample compartment can hold cuvettes with 100mm light path, and diversified cuvettes with light path at a range of 5-50mm also can be hold.. SP-2000 is used in colleges for specialty of environmental protection.. It's also used as an instrument for porducts quality control at sugar-refinery, food and drink industy.. It's better used as a monitoring device that controls the let of waste water in industries, such as electricity generating, water supply, paper making, plating, printing and dyeing, and so on..

  • The large sample compartment with long path detecting system, enable diversified cuvettes be hold at the range of 5-100mm.
  • Novel designed auto-collimated light path with grating monochromator, guarantees excellent optical performance.
  • The SCM technology enables the instrument to be intelligent and digital.
  • Function of 0%T and 100%T self-adjusting, which enables the operation simple and human.
  • Large display with LCD, which enables the testing parameters be displayed as transmittance, absorbance, and concentration.
  • High precision of data processing that reaches one percent of a hundred thousand, which makes the transform between transmittance and absorbance with little error be possible.
  • Filters auto-switching at the whole wavelength range, enables the instrument without additional manual operation.
  • Switching power supply, with self-adaptive inputting voltage of 85-264VAC, (that is abbreviated to 'SMPS'), guarantees that the instrument can work normally with different power supply at any environment.

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