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Model SP-3800 Series - Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer



Original Optical Noice Roduction. Interval lamp control (patent). Original Hg lamp-reagent gradient measrement.

SP-3800AA is an Atomic Absorption
Spectrophotometer with many domestic and international advance technologies
Intelligent Straylight mensure and cor rection technology(patent)

Shanghai Spectrum developed PC information processing technology,Automatic measurement and straylight dynamic dedected without any refence materials and increment cost. It improved instrument's optical precision.linear range and
background correction effectively.

Original Optical Noice Roduction
Shanghai spectrum developed optical noise reduction technology,whi ch combined opt i cal component UV enhancement technology.It improved instrument's optical performance、linear range and enhauced background correction.

Interval lamp control (patent)
Shanghai spectrum developed interral lamp control technology. It makes normal hallow cathode lamps self-absorption back ground correction possible without and influence to instrument's stablity.
Meanwhile, it will prolonged working like of the lamp.
The cost of normal hallow cathode lamp is only about one-tenth of special lamp.

Original 'Hg lamp-reagent' gradient measrement
Shanghai spectrum developed 'Hg lamp-reagent'gradient established an exact mathematical model to estimate 'double beam linear and balance'specification. This technology proveded a fast and economic method for instrument self testing system. It also established a brand new method to improve instrument'sdetection performance.

Numerous technological innovation and renewal such as fashion design,element lamp multi-dimensinal antomatic adjustment system、gas path electrouics functional and modular design、No-adjustment D-lamp holder and so on.

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