Sempa Pompa Limited

Sempa Pompa Limited

Model SPL - A/B/C/D - Booster Pump



SPL series pumps has designed for pumping non-abrasive and small particulars liquids. Impeller material is glass-fiber reinforced Noryl.
Vertical-axis stage pumps with closed impellers can be separated bodies. Balancing holes are getting high axial thrust. Impellers are balancing with dynamically. Outlet flange is close to motor,inlet flange is close to base plate. Takes up less space due to posture . Quite working. If request 1-2-3 or more pump can use in same systems. Threephase can be manufacture. Single pump has phase protection rolley and electric float.  Equil life time (Rotation). Boosters are ready for using with expension tank,control box and collectors. Pumps can be fire fighting pump with alarm,weekly testing deviced and lights.

  • Pressure System
  • Domestic water supply  systems
  • Irrigations water system
  • Industrial Areas
  • Constructions
  • Schools
  • Hotels

  • Capacity : up to 153 m³/h   
  • Head : 150 m   
  • Speed : up to 2900 rpm   
  • Operating Temperature  : 10 °C’ to +60 °C   
  • Casing Pressure  (Pmaks) : 16 BAR   

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