Model SPX 150 - Dust Emission Monitoring Probe



The SPX 150 is based on the tribo-electricity principle. It detects, warns, records and can be used for dust threshold. rejection trend analysis, from a 0.1  mg/m3 dust.


  • Power supply: 115-230 V/ 50-60 Hz
  • Protected by fuses
  • Bargraph and LCD screen displays
  • Inverter relay output
  • Standard 10-m cable link sensor
  • IP65 stainless steel sensor
  • IP65 Polycarbonate case

Controls and adjustments

  • Digital adjustment
  • Alarm limit adjustment / display
  • Instantaneous readout or average adjustable from 1 to 60 min.
  • Automatic zero calibration


  • Other AC power supply voltages
  • Data saved for up to 1 month
  • Link RS 232 and PC Software (for remote monitoring and analysis)
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Thermal separator for high-temperature operation


  • Running and adjustment without external Software
  • Functional, easy-to-use keyboard
  • Signal pre-processing
  • Trend indicator
  • Instantaneous average value
  • Automatic inclusion of cleaning peaks
  • Connection with our dedicated SFX+ controller

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