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Model SR Series - Purification Modules (Automatic and Manual)


The complete line SR Series of Centrifugal based Fluid Purification Modules have quickly become the standard in the industrial market. With the highest G force rating of any industrial centrifuge, the SR Series provide you with the best separation available on the market for both solid and liquid contamination removal.

Removes particulate (down to 1 micron), swarf, tramp oil and aluminum soaps from metalworking fluids and aqueous cleaners. Removes water, insolubles, and sediment from straight oils and lubricants.

  • Ultra-fine particle removal
  • Enhanced liquid/liquid 'thin film' smart technology
  • Fully automated PLC controls
  • Skid or wheeled mounted for easy in-plant transport
  • All wetted parts stainless steel
  • Maximum liquid/liquid adjustability to remove contamination without detrimental fluid effects

  • Manual cleanout or automatic desludging capabilities
  • Fluid heating or flash pasteurization system
  • Permanent or perishable media prefiltration
  • Automatic phase separation fault detection system
  • Waste control and handling system

SRS's proprietary high-speed purification modules offer many advantages, including:

Various Bowl Configurations
Various bowl designs and configurations are available to optimize separation efficiency of specific contaminants. Bowl configurations and equipment modules are designed specifically for the type of fluid, contaminants, and contaminant level present.

Separation Adjustment
Unlike tradition centrifuges, precise phase separation adjustment can occur without shutting the module down. External touch-screen adjustment ensures that fine-tuning of the separation process can be done quickly and easily.

Manual or Automatic Self-cleaning
Solids removal can be accomplished either manually or automatically, depending on the model chosen. This choice is based on a number of factors, including the amount of solids present in the fluid and budget considerations..

Flow Control
Flow control ensures precise separation by accurate control of process flow rate. All SR series modules are designed with this feature and can maintain separation with feed pressure fluctuations of up to 50 psi.

Feed Pump
The feed pump option allows our purification modules to be used on systems without pressurized headers (for example, individual sumps, holding tanks or central systems without access to pressurized headers). Central systems can be run on the feed pump until access to pressurized headers can be obtained.

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