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Model SR Series - Purification Modules - Vacuum Dehydration Modules


The complete line of SR 700 Series Oil Purification Modules combine our proven high efficiency, high speed disk centrifugal purification technology with vacuum dehydration and an efficient filter housing to remove particulate and water (free, emulsified and dissolved) to meet or exceed the levels found in new oil. These modules can be incorporated as a single–pass batch purification system or as a continuous system, providing fluid reclamation as a recirculation or dialysis treatment system.

SR 700 Series Oil Purification Modules are designed and built to be self contained and can be set to run in either a fully automatic or manual mode. Our standard design includes an inlet pump, electric heater (two-stage), control panel (Nema 4) high speed centrifuge, vacuum dehydratore and various safety interlocks. Complete on-module water and particulate analysis is available to continuously monitor the processed oil to particular water content and ISO codes. Other options are available and SRS is able to custom design and build the system to suit your individual plant’s requirements.

SRS designs and builds on the road Mobile Oil Reclamation trucks and trailers. These systems can be designed for small mobile trailer applications to large over the road semi trailers. Please contact our sales engineers to custom design a mobile system that meets your requirements (not available in all areas).

* Actual performance depends on the actual amount of contaminants found in the incoming oil.

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