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Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing

Model SS612 - Soil Sampler



Larger Soil Collection Bucket: A larger collection bucket with built in funnel ensures a full sample bag at every empty. Quick Change Probe: We offer two probe sizes to cater to the soil conditions. Probes can be swapped quickly in the field. The smaller probe (1/2” ID) will penetrate harder soil, requiring 22 samples to fill a bag. The larger probe (3/4” ID) collects soil quickly in softer ground, requiring only 10 samples to fill a bag. Both scenarios are at a 7” testing depth.

Gasoline or Electric

  • Hydraulic power units are available in compact gasoline or low noise electric units.
  • Our gasoline units are powered by a proven Honda engine.
  • Our electric versions are low noise and are able to be powered off of  a vehicle with an alternator.

Quick Change Depth: The depth of sample taken is quickly adjustable using two thumbscrews. Sampling depths are adjustable from 6-12”.

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