Model Super C - Compact Ball Valve



When compared with other brands of compacts, the Colonial Super C is in a class by itself. It utilizes the same ball and stem as our True Union valve. This means it has the same robust stem diameter and two stem o-rings as the True Union. It is the only compact valve with a separate and independent floating carrier. This provides the valve with the longest turning life and lowest torque on the market. As the seat and ball wear, the floating carrier automatically moves forward to provide a positive seal, a live-load design. Ideally suited for the most demanding industrial, commercial, agricultural and irrigation environments, the Super C is permanently sealed at the factory and is maintenance-free.

  • Available with PVC or CPVC body; EPDM or Viton® o-rings.
  • ABS handle available in a variety of colors.
  • Floating ball design for high pressure, permanent seal.
  • Two stem o-rings for double leak protection.
  • Unique floating carrier design provides the longest turning life, lowest torque and smoothest turning on the market.
  • Teflon® ball seats.
  • Larger stem design reduces the chance of stem breakage.
  • Two stem stops for positive shut off.
  • Pressure rating: 235 psi, non-shock water at 73° F.
  • 100% thermoplastic design eliminates process or atmospheric corrosion.
  • 1/2 through 2” sizes available.
  • Available in Sch 80 socket or FPT (female pipe thread).
  • Socket and threads meet dimensional requirements of ASTM D-2467, D-2464, F-439 and F-437.
  • Designed and engineered in the U.S.A.

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