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Model SX Range - Medium Pressure UV Lamp


The SX series provides the very latest in medium pressure UV lamp technology and flow efficient in-line chamber design. Offering increased treatment capacity and flexibility for the environmentally friendly process of UV disinfection, the SX series provides solutions for a range of applications, including drinking water, industrial process water, oil and gas and aquatics.

Featuring both single lamp and multi-lamp configurations and using a range of medium pressure UV lamps, the specially designed in-line UV reactors provide optimum flow distribution and hydraulic performance. The SX range offers a state-of-the-art solution for a wide variety of water treatment applications, treating capacities of 1.0 m3/hr to more than 5,000 m3/hr in a single, high output, low footprint UV system.

The SX range is independently 3rd party validated and certified using biometric testing according to the USEPA UVDGM, and offers guaranteed performance for both UV doses 10 - 120 mJ/cm2 RED and 1 - 5 log reductions of Cryptosporidium.

  • Independent 3rd party validated performance (Bioassay tested T1 & MS2)
  • Chemical free, green disinfection solution
  • 2 to 18 multi-lamp configurations
  • 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW and 7.3 kW UV lamps
  • High capacity treatment up to 5,000 m3/hr
  • 9,000 hour lamp life and 5 year quartz life
  • Automatic power stepping 100% - 50% power
  • Hydraulically optimised low head-loss design
  • High disinfection efficiency - 1 to 5 log

  • Significantly reduced maintenance requirements
  • Flange mounted slider bars for easy internal access
  • Single sided maintenance / access
  • Quick release enhanced safety ‘Twistlok’ Lamps
  • Dry UV monitors and temperature probes
  • Robust, chemical free automatic wiper system
  • Lamp changes without removing wiper motor
  • Wiper rings can be replaced without removing wiping carriage from chamber

  • Ultra-compact and easy to install
  • Closed system design installs directly into pipe work
  • Horizontal and vertical installation options
  • Multiple flange size, type and mounting options
  • Significantly reduced footprint requirement
  • Upto 50 meter cable distance from LCP to UV chamber
  • Can be installed directly against walls / structures
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofits
  • Modbus / Profibus / ICSS / BMS integration available

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