Don Osvaldo

Don Osvaldo

Model T / H 20 - Inoculator



Main body constructed of SAE 1010 sheet 18, which gives adequate structural strength, structural profile of housing SAE 1010 steel, mounted on a shaft of 1.60 m wide gauge. Its length is 4 meters, with an inclination angle of 25 °, which allows to raise the seed at a maximum height of 1.10 m. has an inoculating system through a coil of 70 mm. wing mounted on bearings. Dosing system using bucket wheel and 2 plastic bins 20 liter, flow regulator plate load to get maximum capacity, or total flow cut    Fully vulcanized rubber tray flexible,    folding hitch and cargo transport.serves to inoculate soybean and apply fungicide at the same time because it has dual hopper. Its length can be extracted from the central nozzle airbase silos. Its design enables two ways to vary the working speed, either through the material inlet gate, or by tl internal combustion engine rpm.

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