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Model T21 - AirTrack Profi



One of the world’s best professional exhaust extraction system (U.S. Patent no. 6,139,422). Well-tried and reliable in daily heavy-duty service at fire stations, emergency service stations, bus garages and car or commercial vehicle workplaces. Here, the extraction hose follows the vehicle perfectly horizontally guided to the gate. The system features considerable advantages - international patents prove the technical quality of this series.


  • Connected tightly to and sealed around the exhaust pipe – no exhaust fumes escape into the building and energy waste by exhausting conditioned air is avoided.
  • Vehicles drive out safely, the system disconnects safely from the vehicle even at high speed.
  • The exhaust hose remains tightly at the exhaust pipe even at gas blasts or full speed. Hoses do not recoil after release from vehicle which means highest safety.
  • Odd shaped tail pipes or bolts on the pipe do not hinder the operation of the nozzle.

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