Model TKM-P 40 - Tractor Power Takeoff Activated Tanker Pumps


Tractor power takeoff activated centrifugal pump has 2” (inch) inlet and 2” outlet and is used with tractor-back tankers for water fill-up and discharge. It is packed as shown in the picture. The difference of this pump with A56 TKM-P 20 is that, the cogwheels in use are larger. Therefore, since the power takeoff is able to operate at a rate of 540 rpm to 600 rpm, it can be used as a Fire Pump. The pressure values of such a pump, which functions effectively during the forest fires, for front line fire-fighting response to fires in a factory, are quite high. Since it operates at high rate, the gear profile pitches may be grinded when required, thus enabling a silent run. The special lubricant used prevents over heating at high temperature.

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