Model TLS LS/LP - Leased Transmitter



Transmitters / Receivers TLS are dedicated for information transmission All or Nothing or Analog on a support a wired pair. Their low power consumption allows use on remote sites (reservoirs, rivers ...) to ensure a simple and low consumption management of the 'command / control' of your facilities. Depending on the version, it is possible to transmit over two son, until? To 1 Ana,four or five discrete and 1 count. The combination of two sets of a pair allows, if necessary, to 'double' capacity.

Easy to USE  and EFFICIENT

  • With low energy consumption, the transmitter can be battery powered  with a battery life of several years, allowing very easy to use on sites where no power ...
  • Different versions offer multiple combinations to suit your requirements.
  • The power of the TLS allows use on the lines of 'poor quality' safely.


  • Self-diagnostics prevent faulty operation of supply or transmission.
  • The TLS shall be guaranteed PARATRONIC 2 years including lightning risk (1).


  • Large stock in all models of surge protectors.
  • Delivery within 24 hours.
  • High technical availability to meet your requirement.

 (1) The mandatory protection: Transmitter power: PRO TAS3016A, power receiver: PRO TAS5016A, 4-20 mA loop: PRO TAS30, input: PRO C8 Line: PRO TAS15.

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