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Model TM/SA - Multiple Shredder



The TM/SA multiple shredder may be fitted to boths rear and front lifts on tractors from 35 to 96 HP. The strenght of its structure and the internal components reflect the RCM heaviest shredders.

The specific engine mounting with multiple attachment and the gearbox with double power takeoff and double free wheel, make the machine extremely versatile. Thanks to its special gearbox, the machine is able to avoid changing the rotation of the shredding shaft, even when the power takeoff turns in the opposite direction to normal.

The shredder is ideal for the rapid elimination of vine shoots, small branches and weeds in vineyards and orchards.

It is equipped with a multiple system for shifting on chromium-plated bars with bronzes, fitted both for the front and rear ends. This system enables shredding in the immediate vicinity of plants, taking advantage of a lateral movement of about 30 centimetres.

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