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Model T.MAC-009 PLC-Pressure - Seed Stone Separator



Stone Separator Machine is for efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density (heavier) admixtures from seed lot. Pre and Fine Cleaned seed as well graded seed (in sizes)  would still contain same size admixtures and impurities. Admixtures that are heavier than seed lot can be separated via Stone Separator machine.

For uniformed separation seed lot feed into the Pre-Storage hopper via conveyor. Linear feeding of seed lot on to Stone Separator deck via magnetic feeder for uniformed separation. A fluidized air bed generated on Stone Separator deck via multiple fan for stratification, eccentric system conveys stones and heavy admixtures on opposite direction whilst accept seed lot leaves the machine on opposite direction.

Akyurek Stone Separator Standard Production Specifications

•Machine Designed with Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical solid modeling design software.

•Production all parts CNC cutting system

•Top quality third party parts

•Final touch finishes, electrostatic painting and powder coating system including, powder coating oven.

•Computer aided assembly line

•100% dynamically counterbalanced eccentric deck system.

PLC -Fully Automated Model Stone Separator Machine’s distinguishing hardware features 

•Linear feeding via magnetic feeder

•Invertor/frequency control of 2 units of 1,1 KW 1400 Rpm Motor for Air Fans.

•Invertor/frequency control 1 unit of 1,1 KW 2800 RPM MOTOR for Eccentric drive.

•Deck tilt motor with invertor and sensors

•Full Automated PLC Model Distinguishing features

•Deck tilt adjustment by motor via Touch Screen Panel

•Air pressure adjustment by Invertor/frequency control via Touch Screen Panel (Strongly recommended for fine Seeds)

•Eccentric Speed by Invertor/frequency control speed via Touch Screen Panel.(Strongly recommended for fine Seeds)

•Touch Screen Panel for easy settings

•Akyurek Kardesler Ltd in house production AKYUREK TECHNO SOFTWARE system provides data processors and mechanics communication to increase utilization of machine to upmost capacity.  

•PLC System advantages

•Memory System for 30 product settings for precision output (7mm Bean settings, 8mm,9mm beans, Fava beans, etc.)

•Scada atomization Integra table

•Easy settings=Less operator mistakes possibility for output quality

•Sensors for Warning system

•Longer Machine Lifespan due to warning system avoiding operator setting faults

•Clever Periodic Deck Discharge system for difficult stones and admixtures that have almost similar weight of seed.

•Energy friendly

•Operator friendly easy adjustment of all machine setting

İmproved Products




Kidney Beans

Sesame Seed

Green Lentils

Red Lentils



Sun Flower

Cuming Seeds

and many more

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