Model TR -200 - Portable Peristaltic Sampling Pump



A lightweight, compact, battery powered peristaltic pump providing a fast, dependable and economical means of sampling fluids in the field.

Designed for field work. The compact TR-200 is self contained and does not require an external controller or power source. At only 10 lb, this pump is light and small enough to carry anywhere. The pump tubing is easy to inspect, clean and replace. The rugged, water-tight enclosure is made of impact and corrosion resistant ABS plastic to withstand demanding work conditions. The optional carrying bag (TR-925) is a practical way to store and carry the unit , a water level indicator and related tools.

Safety. The pump is seal-less. There are no mechanical packing or seals to wear out and leak, which is important when pumping dangerous fluids.

Reliability. The peristaltic pump has been proven to be extremely reliable in field applications. The pump uses a silicone rubber tube for longer life. It may be run dry without damage. The pump body is clearly visible on the outside of the enclosure to facilitate inspection and replacement of tubing and rollers.

Check your sampling protocol as the peristaltic pump may not be recommended for VOC sampling. Our bladder or Sample Plus pumps may be more appropriate.

  • High precision digital control and display.
  • Warning lamps show battery condition (GOOD, LOW, DEAD).
  • Rugged and dependable. Made for field use!
  • 12 V (dc) power. TR-200 is powered by an internal 12 V, 7.5 A•h gel cell battery.
  • Easy pump head tubing replacement.
  • Variable speed
  • Minimize decon time and expense.
  • Purging facility
  • Run up to 4 hours on the internal battery or indefinitely on an external, automotive type 12 V battery when using the Pump Power Kit (included).

Operating Principle: Peristaltic pump (2 rollers)
Pumping Rate: 100 - 500 mL/min approx. Adjustable. Your flow rate will vary with head and battery condition.
Back Flush Rate: Same as pumping rate.
Suction Lift (Max.): 25 ft (7.6 m) maximum with water.
Current Consumption: 2.5 A Typical).
Overcurrent Protection: Auto reset with indicator light.
Operating Voltage: 12 V (dc).
Operating Temperature: 35 - 160°F (2 - 70°F).
Pump Tubing: 3/8' OD x 3/16' unreinforced silicone tubing. Certifications: FDA, NSF 51, SEG Incinerable.
Suction and Discharge Hose: Optional
Power: 12 V, 7.5 A.h gel cell battery. Rechargeable. Includes power cord.
Estimated Run Time (Max.): 4 hr (at full battery charge)
Enclosure: Water Resistant. tough ABS plastic construction.
Dimensions (W x H x L): 9.5 x 7.5 x 6 in (241 x 190 x 152 mm)
Shipping Volume: 0.4 ft³ (0.01 m³)
Shipping Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg) with battery

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