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Model TROMINO - Reactive Tromograph for Engineering



TROMINO is an ideal solution in Civil Engineering for the operational modal analysis of structures, vibration monitoring and soil-structure interaction studies. Supporting engineers and architects in the design, monitoring, modelling and retrofitting of structures. TROMINO, originally conceived for the dynamic characterization of subsoils, has been increasingly used for the operational modal analysis of structures to such an extent that this has become its primary application over the years. TROMINO has been used on the most iconic structures worldwide, such as the Eiffel tower, the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the Shanghai tower, the leaning tower of Pisa and many more. The exclusive radio communication system among several units, the total lack of cables and external batteries, the light weights and small sizes, make working with networks of TROMINO a unique experience.

TROMINO is a small (1 dm3, < 1 kg) all-in-one instrument, equipped with:

  • 3 velocimetric channels (adjustable dynamic range)
  • 3 accelerometric channels
  • 1 analog channel
  • GPS receiver
  • built-in radio transmitter/receiver (for synchronization among different units)
  • radio triggering system (for MASW surveys and similar)

TROMINO works in the [0.1, 1024] Hz range and is powered by 2 AA (1.5 V) batteries only!

With a single TROMINO

Modal frequencies and damping of structures
With several (min. 2) TROMINO units
Full operational modal analysis (modal frequencies, shape and damping) of structures.

Validation of structural models
TROMINO provides the key parameters to tune and constrain numerical models of structures.

Vibration analysis and monitoring
Analysis of strong vibrations, potentially damaging for the structures, according to European norms (UNI9916, DIN4150).

Soil-Structure interaction
Detection of soil and structure resonance frequencies, soil-structure interaction (rocking).


The first all-in-one instrument for the dynamic characterization of soils, structures and more...

  • Minimum size and power consumption
  • Maximum versatility

TROMINO is the first brick for any wall

  • 3 velocimetric channels with adjustable dynamic range and sensitivity: from microtremors (up to ±0.5 mm/s) to strong vibrations (up to ± 5 cm/s)
  • 3 accelerometric channels (±2 g)
  • 1 analog channel (e.g., external trigger for MASW and refraction) a   operating range [0.1, 1024] Hz on all channels with A/D conversion at 24 real bits
  • GPS receiver with internal and/or external antenna for positioning and absolute timing/synchronization among different units
  • built-in radio module for synchronization among different units and alarm transmission (e.g., signal above threshold)

Unique feature! Radio triggering tool for MASW and refraction surveys with a single-station, cableless system!

The new TROMINO BLU, with an increased sensitivity, can be controlled also by mobile devices. Download the app!


TROMINO has a variety of applications in engineering geology and seismic engineering, both in single station and network configuration. A few examples:


  • seismic site effect assessment and seismic microzonation
  • passive seismic stratigraphy
  • Vs30/VsH estimation from constrained HA/curve fit
  • active and passive seismic arrays (MASW, ReMi, ESAC, FTAN), P and S wave refraction (requires radio\GPS synchronization or the wireless trigger)



  • modal analysis of structures (single station or synchronized multi-station approach)
  • vibration monitoring


TROMINO is an ultra-portable package:

  • no external cables
  • very small size (10x14x8 cm)
  • very light weight (-1 kg)

with very low consumption:

  • powered by an internal Li-ion battery
  • works also on AC adapter for long monitoring

TROMINO can now be fully controlled (also vocally) by mobile devices, through the Tromino App.

TROMINO can record in continuous mode or for predefined time intervals. Starting is manual or on threshold. It can work in stand-alone mode or in network configurations through the software tool Tromino Managers. This allows to continuously view and save data acquired on remote stations and to send threshold-based alarms on-line or via e-mail. Tromino Manager  controls networks of TROMINOs connected via radio to a master TROMINO.

GRILLA is the user-friendly software to archive and analyze the recordings of TROMINO.

The main modules of GRILLA are:

EXTENDED H/V ANALYSIS. Full spectral analysis, H/V curves to estimate soil resonances, constrained H/V fit to get Vs, trace cleaning in the time and frequency-domains, statistical testing of significance of the results based on the European guidelines, 'reference site' method, comparison among different analyses and recordings. Automatic editable reports including tables and figures.

Modal Analysis of Structure! Module to derive the modal frequencies shapes and damping of structures from experimental data.

Joint Fit of H/V and Dispersion Curve Subsoil velocity profile from joint fitting of HA/, active (MASW, etc.) and passive (ReMi, ESAC, SPAC, passive MASW, etc.) array surveys.

Vibration Analysis. Sorting and spectral analysis of signal sections above thresholds, according to the European regulations on strong vibrations in structures. Automatic editable reports including tables and figures.

H/V+ Contouring Module. To provide a synthetic and understandable view of H/V recordings acquired in 2D or 3D configurations, Useful to map the continuity of the main seismic reflectors (the shift from the frequency to the depth domain requires additional constraints).

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