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Model TS - Single-Rotor Shredder



Use: pasture, straw, residues of wheat, corn, sorghum, sunflower, potatoes/beets haulm, etc. Features: solid and multipurpose. A lot of different works can be carried out by replacing the accessories.

  • three-point hitch frame (category 2)
  • rear door for inspection
  • gearbox with free wheel clutch (1.)
  • Y blades (2.)
  • adjustable side skids
  • support leg
  • protecting front flaps
  • CE covers.
  1. PTO speed: 540 rpm.
  2. Alternatively, straight, dissimilar, square or shovel blades.

  • hammers
  • Y blades with additional straight blades (BLADES KIT 1)
  • Straight blades with short ventilation blades (BLADES KIT 2)
  • Straight blades with long ventilation blades  (BLADES KIT 3)
  • counter blade for Y blades
  • counter blade for straight blades
  • adjustable rear roller (combinable with side skids)
  • overzized adjustable rear roller (combinable with side skids)
  • standard steering wheels set (2 wheels)
  • pivoting wheels set
  • standard PTO drive shaft

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