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Model TSA - Shredder for Ditches



Shredder with lateral hydraulic movement for tractors series vineyards and orchards. Ideal for working over the roadway of the tractor and/or in a tilted position for clean road banks, river banks, ditches, embankments,…


  • Tree point attachment width cm. 76
  • Sheel steel structure
  • Links for lateral displacement and inclination with pins and bushing in tempered steel
  • Hydraulic cylinder for inclination full of stop valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder for lateral displacement fitted above the arms to avoid hooking
  • Side drive with notched belts
  • Free weel incorporated in the reduction gear - p.t.o. 540 rpm
  • Heavy thickness rotor shaft arranged for the installation of hammer, blades or knives
  • Counterblade
  • Steel rotor supports with sealed self-aligned bearings guard
  • Front protection in dibbed sheet metal
  • Adjustable rear roller with tapered ands and steel supports bearing guard
  • Cardan shaft


  • Rear roller of Ø 200 mm
  • Rounded right side panel for TSA 150
  • Constant-velocity cardan shaft on both sides

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