Model TV - Sifters



PROMILL STOLZ vibratory sifters of the TV series are designed for granulometric classification or elimination of waste, for all bulk products, whether in their rough state or already finished.They can be used on extremely diverse products such as minerals, chemicals, oilseeds, feed pellets, plastic pellets, etc...Extremely sturdy in their conception, they are made up of a very strong cut-and-welded steel frame supporting an assembly formed by a chassis fitted with an invlined, perforated and removable grille together with an assembly for collecting the fines following sifting, by means of eight braided wire strands.

The above assembly is vibrated by an electric motor with eccentric driving a shaft on which balance weights are mounted, by means of a belt transmission.

The product is fed in regulated fashion upstream from the sifter and falls onto the grille where the vibratory movement gives rise to both forward movement of the product and its granulometric selection by passing the fines through the grille.

The two fractions are then collected and directed by mechanical, pneumatic or gravity feed conveyor systems to other work stations of the mill such as weighing, storage, bagging, or others.

PROMILL STOLZ TV series sifters are perfectly suitable for being mounted after all types of single passage or multiple passage horizontal or vertical coolers.

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