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Model Type 56 - Thermoplastic Butterfly Valves



Butterfly valves are named for the wing-like action of the flow-controlling disc, which operates at right angles to the flow. The disc has about the same diameter as the connecting pipe, and the flow is straight through, with a low pressure drop. Maintenance is easy due to the small number of moving parts. The butterfly valve can be used either as an on/off or modulating type of valve. Type 56 Valve has no metal to media or environment contact whatsoever. These valves may be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

  • Standard model (1-1/2' - 14') has PVC body and PP disc for better chemical resistance at temperatures higher than can be achieved with PVC. 16' has PP body and PP disc as standard.
  • Our 316/403 stainless steel shaft has full engagement over the entire length of the disc and is a non-wetted part, totally isolated from the media.
  • Only solid and abrasion-resistant plastic disc and elastomeric liner are wetted parts.
  • ISO bolt circle on top flange - no body or stem modifications required for accessories.

  • Sizes: Lever: 1-1/2' - 8'
  • Gear: 8' - 16'
  • Models: Wafer style
  • Operators: Lever and gear
  • Bodies: PVC, PP and PVDF
  • Discs: PVC, PP and PVDF
  • Seats: EPDM or FKM. Also: Nitrile, Butyl, Hypalon®†, and Neoprene®†
  • Seals: Same as seating material
  • Stems: 403 and 316 stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy C®‡, etc.

  • Series 79 Pneumatic
  • Series 92 & 94 Electric
  • Series 83 Electromni


  • Pneumatically and electrically actuated with accessories
  • Alternate discs:
    • (I) PVC : 1-1/2' - 14'
    • (III) PVDF : 1-1/2' - 16'
  • Gear operators for 1 1/2'- 6'
  • Lug style (stainless steel 304 or 316) as
  • blocking and end-of-line applications
  • Stems in 316 stainless steel, titanium,
  • Hastelloy C® etc.
  • 2' square nut on stem
  • 2' square nut on gear operator
  • Stem extensions (single stem and two-piece stem)
  • Locking devices (gear type - standard on lever)
  • Chain operators
  • Manual limit switch
  • Tandem arrangements (patented by A/A, Inc.)

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