Model UMP-1 BT / UMP-1 BTim - Soil Moisture Meters



The UMP-1 BT sensor is the wire-less version of the UMP-1 sensors and opens up the market to smartphone-based measurement technology.  Measurement data are transmitted by Bluetooth directly to and stored on an Android smartphone. 

The necessary app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed by the user on any Android smartphone.  As an additional option, our complete package includes an outdoor-capable smartphone with preinstalled app.  Up to 7 probes can be managed simultaneously using the app, and measurement data can be stored and visualised.  During measurement, the data can be depicted as graph or as table of readings.This model of the UMP-1 sensor has been designed for flexible use in the field and is primarily suitable for determining instantaneous values and for short-term, high  resolution series of measurements on different measurement sites.The UMP-1 BT is available with optional universal grip for easier handling.The ergonomically formed non-slip grips offer ideal transfer of energy when inserting the sensor antenna and the height adjustable extension between probe and grips permit improved stance to protect the user’s back when working.  The integrated smartphone holder on the grips enables the user to have both hands free while also keeping measurement data in view at all times.The design of the UMP-1 BTim generally features a handle including all the above mentioned advantages. Additionally a guiding prevents bending of the antennas.

  • Smartphone instead of hand-heald device
  • Fast and easy measurement

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