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Model US3 - Triggering Systems



Triggers allow the US3 deterrent to respond to the presence of predators rather than to continually make a noise even when seals are not targetting your fish. Triggers reduce the chances of habituation to sound by reducing the levels of noise being made, and increase the effectiveness of the noise by targeting the negative predatory behavior when it occurs. Triggers reduce the impact of noise on non target species by limiting noise pollution. We offer two systems, a cheaper fish motion detector triggering system and a more expensive seal sonar detection system.


Fish motion sensors rely on the behaviour of your fish to alert the US3 system to the presence of a seal. When a seal circles your cage the fish behaviour becomes agitated. The fish knock into the motion triggers setting off a warning that activates the deterrent.

The seal sonar system relies on the motion of the approaching seal to trigger the US3 deterrent. The seal only hears the deterrent when it is trying to attack your fish. If the seal is passing by on a non predatory trajectory then the system remains inactive. If the seal nears the salmon cage the deterrent moderates the volume of the deterrent in response. At predefined distances from the cage, addon devices, such as electric netting can also be triggered.

  • Reduces exposure to the deterring sound, limiting risks of habituation and increasing the chances of deterring the predator
  • Avoids disruption to non target species such as porpoises and whales
  • Full trigger data recordings available on the US3 top box providing one year's stats for Freedom Food Monitors
  • Identify which pen is being attacked at what time to inform husbandry

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