Model UTC 1000 - Drinking Water System


UTC 1000 Drinking Water System is our proven new product for delivering sanitized water directly to your is ozone on tap. The UTC 1000 Drinking Water System is mounted directly under your sink and delivers sanitized ozonated water directly into your sink through its own designated faucet. Incorporating the use of the UTC 1000 Drinking Water System in daily life can help reduce the amount of waste disposable water bottles that are contributing to our landfills each year. We have incorporated our ozone system in this product utilizing advanced technology that safely and quickly delivers sterilized water directly to your home. 

The UTC 1000 Drinking Water System is a small but very effective unit. Additional applications for the UTC 1000 Drinking Water System are sanitizing well water, recreational vehicles water  holding tanks and in conjunction with reverse osmosis systems. The low voltage required to operate this unit, will only cost you pennies a day. Your UTC 1000 Drinking Water System ensures that you and your family will be drinking safe sanitized water.

  • Power: 12V DC unit
  • Min. & Max. Water Pressure:  15psi to 85psi
  • Ozone Output:  up to 100mg/hr.
  • Ozone Residual:  up to 0.3ppm
  • Dimensions:  (L)7 ¾ ' (W) 6 ¾ ' (H) 2 ¼ '
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs., Excluding Faucet

  • Classified UL Certification
  • Solid-state Electronics Encased in Epoxy
  • Activation as Faucet is Opened and Closed
  • Quality Venturi Injector and O3 Generator
  • Small Compact Design & Quiet Operation
  • On/Off LED Indicator Light
  • Simple Installation

  • 120V or 240V AC to 12V DC Wall Adapter
  • Mounting Screws
  • %' Angle Stop (if needed other sizes are available at your local hardware store)
  • 5 feet of 3/e' Tubing
  • Faucet

  • One year
  • Excellent Customer Support Team

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