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Model V3 - Packed Column Three Stages Vertical Scrubber



V3 air scrubber is a three separated stages packed column, countercurrent flow. The conceptual project started from the opportunity to arrange in a single wet air scrubber device the demand of purify industrial air flows polluted by both dust/PM and odourous gases. Just think at this device as the sum of Venturi Jet Scrubber and a double stage vertical scrubber packed column, but the whole concentrated in a single device which will occupy less overall sizes.

The combination of Venturi Jet Scrubber and double stage Scrubber allows to determine affordable and predictable efficiencies both of dust collection and odour control. The washing solutions of the three stages are completely segregated both in their fresh and their spent forms, so that the time beetwen two scheduled maintenance operations will be longer, with less running costs.

Scrubber V3 standard material is Polypropylene and it is custom fabricated with relatively short delivery time.

Therefore the device is fully customizable during the period of preparation of technical specifications, both in configuration and in layout placement.

We succesfully installed this device in large and important industrial non-hazardous waste selection and storage plants such as:

  • Disposal or recovery of non-hazardous wastes:
  • Disposal of non-hazardous wastes
  • Temporary transfer sheds for Municipal Solid Wastes - MSW
  • Sludge of sewage mixing and inerting plants

When is it necessary to install this kind of air scrubber? It is not a written rule, but anyway it depends on our expertise on field.

Absolutely we suggest this special configuration wherever it would be not clear the quality and the quantity of dusts collected by the device. This solution prevents unwanted downtime due to clogs and waste of money due to pressure loss.

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