Model V7 - Acoustic Coded Tags



The V7 coded transmitter, 7 mm in dia-meter, was developed to provide researchers with the means to track the behaviour patterns of small and juvenile fish. This tag is particularly suited for seamless monitoring of salmon smolt migrations. V7 coded transmitters operate at 69 kHz and can be detected by VRAR VR2, VR3, VR100, VR28 and VR60 (with Option 07 version 2.01) receiv- ers. When used with the single channel VR2 or VR3 receivers, coded V7s can be used to help meet the challenges of tracking large numbers offish over large areas.

Coded Mode
“Coded” pingers send acoustic pulse trains that  are infrequent and random about an average  delay. This pulse train includes an ID number  which permits identification of the specific tag.   For applications such as site residency studies  and automated monitoring of migrations, coded  transmissions are desirable because of signifi - cantly increased battery life and the large number  (>1,000,000) of unique tags available. 

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