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Model vigi e-nose - Online Analysis and Monitoring of Odorous Compounds Sulfur & VOC Monitoring



The vigi e-nose is an analyzer able to track VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia for example. It allows to provide a rich global fingerprint to correlate with human sensory evaluation as dynamic olfactometry as example. It is possible to train the vigi e-nose with human sensory samples to study correlation with ASTM 679-E04 or EN 13725.

As electronic nose, it provides chemical and olfactive fingerprint.

The main differences are that vigi e-nose offers with single instrument :

  • Speciation of Sulfurs (H2S, Mercaptans, DMS, DMDS and more coupounds capabilities) thanks to performances and capabilities of MEDOR instrument
  • Quantification of tVOC using PID detector embedded on same equipment
  • Automatic data validation thanks to internal calibration using permeation tube embeeded on the analyzer

Stand alone solution without any gas cylinders requirements. The use of the Nitrogen generator is highly recommended.

  • Automatic sampling using a loop linked to sampling pump
  • Automatic loop injection on metallic capillary column
  • Isothermal gas chromatograph
  • Detection of all compounds eluting from the column performed by MEDOR® Detector: Electrochemical wet cell Detector which is SSD Sulfur Specific Detector.
  • Signal provided by reaction between the wet cell electrolyte and the sulfur compounds
  • PID dedicated for total VOC measurement.

  • Automatic calibration/validation of the data, with embeded permeation tube for sulfurs
  • Continuous monitoring with automatic online sampling
  • Analytical performances:
    • Specific, linear and very sensitive to sulfur compounds
    • Results validation by automatic standard injection
    • Long term stability using detector installed in reservoir
  • Extremely low maintenance
    • Very long life time detector with electrolyte, up to 10 years
    • Low gas consumption, can be reduced in option
    • More than 10 years data storage
    • No cylinders required thanks to internal calibration tube and gas generators
  • Automatic control with process device
  • Intelligents system with tunable and interactive alarm levels
  • PID detector in addition to MEDOR® detector
  • Powerful VISTACHROM Chromatotec® software:
    • Remote monitoring & injection control
    • Full traceability with on board archiving of results and chromatograms
    • QC Set up and control of threshold alarms
    • Data export by MODBUS / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V
    • Time stamp results

  • Multiple stream selector (up to 16 streams with one analyser)
  • Portable olfactometer or lab olfactometer (EN 13725)
  • Modeling software with weather station for live odor/chemical impact
  • Complaints management with platform for automatic integration of perception of neighborhood
  • Explosion proof version Exp or Exd for ATEX, IECEx zone 1 and 2 and also for CSA C1D2
  • Calculation modules (Average / Statistics / Odor unit OU e/m3 and more)
  • Automatic data transfert through: Module for 4 outputs 4-20mA / Modbus RTU or TCP IP
  • 24 V DC power supply
  • Electric selection valve to reduce air consumption
  • Wall mounted box
  • Nitrogen generator when standard used for calibration is different from DMS
  • Vigiodor: dispersion modeling software for odor impact

Total VOC with PID detector
Sulfur compounds analysis:

  • Speciation and Total Reduced Sulfur by sum (TRS): H2S, SO2, DMS, MM, DES, DMDS, EM compounds

Detection limits*:

  • Sulfur detector: less than 1 ppb for H2S
  • TVOC PID detector: less than 10 ppb on DMS
  • 50 UO E/m3 (limit of the olfactometer)

*more sensitive analyzers available upon request with special application

Range (adjustable depending on application):

  • 0/10 or 0/100 or 0/1000 (ppb or ppm)
  • Calculation : Odor Index, TVOC, Total Sulfur, (OU e/m3 with XXXOU)

Relative Standard Deviation for sulfur detector:

  • RSD < 3 % on concentration over 48H
  • RSD < 0.5% on retention time over 48H

Relative Standard Deviation for PID:

  • < 1% on concentration at 100ppb over 24h

Cycle Time for the following different analyses:

  • H2S, SO2, MM, EM, DMS, DMDS, DES 600s
  • With special application following compounds can be added : IPM, TBM, NPM, 2BM, IBM, NBM, MES and THT 1200s


  • Embeded computer Windows® based with LCD display
  • 128 GB of Hardware storage on SSD memory


  • Ethernet, remote control

Gas supply:

  • Carrier: Dry air or N2 (3 bars): ≤ 4 ml/min.
  • CALIB: in continuous ~ 50 ml / min.
  • CALIB during validation ~ 250ml/min for M52 configuration
  • Pneumatic valve 90ml/commutation
  • Sampling dryer: 150 to 200 ml/min

Power supply:

  • Main: 230V 60Hz or 115V / 50Hz

Electrical consumption:

  • 150 VA

Dimensions and weights:

Rack: 19’’ (5U)

  • Height: 222 mm
  • Width: 482mm
  • Depth: 660 mm
  • Net weight: 22 Kg

Wall mounted box :

  • Height: 800 mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 300 mm
  • Net weight: 40 Kg

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