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Model WDet-5000 - COD/Ammonia Nitrogen Integration Water Quality Online Analyzer



WDet-5000 COD/ammonia water quality analyzer is a new kind of automatic on-line analyzer used for measuring simultaneously ammonia nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the water. WDet-5000 using the latest photoelectric measuring, UV-vis spectral measurement techniques, has features of accurate measurement, high integration, low detection limit, high reliability, strong adaptability, etc. Instrument reagent can be used on its own in accordance with the relevant national standard.

  • Full spectrum (200-800nm) measurement techniques, can simultaneously measure ammonia nitrogen and COD(UV method)
  • Photoelectric measurement method,sample accurately,low injection error
  • Unique hybrid technology of bubble agitation ensures thorough mixing of samples and reagents
  • With automatic leakage alarm and self-diagnostic function, safety in use, efficient analysis

Apply to water pollution monitoring/industrial process water/industrial and municipal waste water treatment and other fields.

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