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Model WDet-5000TPN - Online TP/TN/COD Water Quality Analyzer



It is a new kind of automatic on-line analyzer used for simultaneously measuring Total phosphorus, total nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (UV method) in the water. WDet-5000 TPN using the latest photoelectric measuring, UV-vis spectral measurement techniques, has features of accurate meas-urement, high integration, low detection limit, high eliability, strong adaptability, etc. Instrument reagent can be used on its own in accordance with the relevant national standard.

  • Full spectrum (200-800nm) measurement techniques, can simultaneously measure ammonia nitrogen and COD(UV method)
  • Photoelectric measurement method,sample accurately,low injection error
  • Unique hybrid technology of bubble agitation ensures thorough mixing of samples and reagents
  • With automatic leakage alarm and self-diagnostic function, safety in use, efficient analysis

Apply to water pollution monitoring/industrial process water/industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and other fields.

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