Model WG-Welesilver - Moisture Curing Single Pack Urethane Finish Coating of Aluminium-Colored



WG-Welesilver is single pack polyurethane, moisture curing coating designed to create decorative finishing layer in one-component moisture-curing systems urethane coatings. WG-Welesilver is an UV resistant coating of aluminic colour with high solid residue level, has perfect impact, corrosion and abrasive resistance. The coating can be applied at high relative humidity, subzero temperatures and without restrictions on the dew point. WG-Welesilver can be applied directly on ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces.

  • WG-Welesilver is recommended as a topcoat of silver colour for systems that require durable semi-gloss topcoat resistant to weathering.
  • It is used in anti-corrosion coating systems in conjunction with moisture curable polyurethane primer of Welesgard for long-term protection (up to 25 years) steel surfaces exposed to conditions of medium, high and very high atmospheric corrosion categories (C3, C4, C5-I and C5-M - ISO -12944-2), as well as in all areas of immersion in water or sea water (Im1 and Im2 - ISO-12944-2) underwater area, alternating wetting and splash areas.

All surfaces must be prepared and primed with WG-Puregalvanic, WG-Ferrogalvanic, WG-Welestone, and with the intermediate coating WG-Weleflex or WG-Weletank in accordance with specification. The coated surfaces must be dry and clean.

  • WG-Welesilver is single pack material and it must be thoroughly stirred to achieve completely homogeneous material. Before opening and stirring the temperature of material must be at least 3ºC above dew point.
  • Before application the material must be thoroughly stirred using a mechanical stirrer. If stirring bubbles were formed in the paint, it is necessary to give the paint to settle for 30 minutes.
  • The constant stirring is not required.
  • After stirring the surface of the material in the bucket must be covered with the approximately 100-200 ml of solvent in order to avoid humidity penetration and the bucket must be resealed after it (in case of slow speed of spraying or bad weather condition). (For more details please contact Welesgard office).

  • In case the prepared surface is visually dry without condensation or ice, WG-Welesilver can be applied without any limitations on dew point and relative air humidity under temperatures from -18°C to 40°C for ambient air as well as substrate.
  • Viscosity of the primer will be increase at lower temperatures. In order to maintain an application viscosity and prevent excessive thinning of the coating, temperature of coating should be maintained not lower than +15°C during application.
  • However, when relative humidity is below 40%, it is recommended to add WG-Welefast Activator. Before using WG-Welefast Activator please consult Welesgard office!
  • The surface must be visually dry, however WG-Welesilver cannot be applied in rain or snow, or if the applied material does not have enough time to become touch dry before it is subjected to rain or snow.

Application Methods

  • Spray application: The main method of application is airless spray. The air application method is suitable.
  • Brush application: This method is recommended for stripe coating and small areas touch-up. It is necessary to monitor the wet film thickness and dry film thickness corresponded to the thickness demanded.

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